Things have been really busy here. Obviously I'm not used to this idea of blogging yet, but still the goal is in mind. So here's an attempt I guess.

We've had a ton of visitors and lots of activity at school lately. Interdisciplinary crits were two weeks ago. They were very helpful, helped me realize better the disconnect sometimes between the work and they was I am thinking about the work or the direction I want it to go. It's also nice to see perspective outside of the jewelry world view point.

Also we had
Kim Buck visiting the same day. He seemed a sweet and kind man. It's just so nice to meet people and hear their approach to working. There's so many ways to think about things and a million things to make. A suggestion to me from Kim- focus more specifically onto one or two things, perhaps work in a series instead of being all over the place. He wondered if I get bored with an idea and move on to quickly. Really I just have too many seedlings of ideas and am still feeling like I need to have my art barf. I'm slowly reigning myself in though, I see a glimmer of light on the horizon. He thinks I move on too fast and should choose a piece or two to really develop my ideas around. I think I'll try that (as soon as I finish up the 3 pieces that were already started, oops!)

Veleta Vancza has been around this week. We met yesterday one on one and I think it'll be great to have her around some. I just really love hearing others' perspective on my and my classmates work. I feel like having a variety of feedback helps you understand the way your presenting yourself and the work. So, as I said before, the more I'm talking about my goals I achieve more focus and understanding, along with just better articulating what I'm trying to do.

Lauren Fensterstock
was here too to meet today and tomorrow with the grads. She lectured tonight too. Her work spans across many mediums and has a lot of historical interests. She is so articulate and clear about what she's trying to do with her work. I hope I can find that in myself sometime soon. I love making and have a lot of inspiration, it's just the "why" sometimes that doesn't make sense. Closer everyday though. I'm meeting one on one with Lauren tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to her insights.

I swear I've got some pictures of my work coming. I have a few snap shots of my studio (finally!) and am planning on making decent photos of my actual work by the end of the week.

til then, tata.

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